Float Absorb

Float Absorb is a thermally-treated natural product, with no chemical additives whatsoever. As its name suggests, it floats and has absorbent characteristics and this means that Float Absorb is equally suitable for decontaminating both water and soil.

One of the principal advantages of Float Absorb is that it is so easy to use. If oil or petrol is split on concrete, simply sprinkle Float Absorb on top of it. After a while, the oil is absorbed and it can be wiped up without any mess. To decontaminate polluted water, sprinkle Float Absorb on the water (or use it in booms). It then attracts the oil and collect s it for dumping.

Float Absorb does not release absorbed oil and it does not absorb water. Another advantage when decontaminating water is that Float Absorb does not sink. This eliminates the need to work at top speed which is otherwise necessary when agents with a limited floating time are used.

When Float Absorb is used to decontaminate the soil, simply screen Float Absorb into the earth. When the oil has been absorbed, the dry earth can be taken away for dumping/composting.