Environmental policy

Each day, large amounts of oil and petroleum are discharged into the environment. In some cases, nature is able to process and neutralise these contaminants by herself, but usually the volume of the emissions is so great that damage to the environment results. It is easy to see how products containing petroleum are environmentally hazardous when emitted in large quantities, but smaller emissions, although just as hazardous in the long run, are often overlooked. Spills from machinery and pumps in conjunction with the refuelling of vehicles and the refilling of tanks make up a considerable proportion of the petroleum pollution in our environment.

 Geogen Produktion manufactures absorbents and filtration materials for petroleum contaminated water and land areas. Our method was developed at the Luleć Institute of Technology, and is based on utilising organic material without the chemical additives to create products that are environmentally sustainable to produce, use and dispose of.

Environmental concern is an intrinsic element in all aspects of our work, and both the product and the manufacturing process are designed to accord the environment  the greatest consideration.

In addition to following the required environmental laws and regulations, we actively collaborate with universities, other companies and our suppliers to develop products that are environmentally sustainable, throughout their entire life cycle by

We continuously seek new ways of minimising our influence on the environment by following up our environmental work, assessing it, and setting  new goals for ourselves.